Lobster XXX
Even though this free site has a word 'tube' in it, making it seem that it hosts its own content, that isn't the case. All the videos that are listed on this site are coming from other tube sites, and by clicking on a link, you will be redirected to the site that hosts the video. That might seem like something that is too complicated to do, but it really isn't. You would click on that link anyway, so there's no difference if it's going to open it on the same site or some other, as long as the video is the same. Also, this kind of site has many benefits compared to regular tube sites. While on any tube site, going to the category page will provide you with a list of themed videos. This site does the same, but it gives you the list that contains results from many sites, making it several times larger! That can't be a bad thing, unless you are in a such a hurry that you have no time to browse through all the results and you actually do not want to have a wider choice, but we don't see that happen much.

The Lobster Likes

  • great search function
  • high quality thumbnails
  • no annoying ads
  • ability to filter by video source
  • great mix of pornstars
  • ability to filter by video freshness
  • free

The Lobster Hates

  • some links to go paid content
  • redirects to other sites (skim)
  • some thumbnails do not match content exactly
  • basic features
  • previews are not multi image
  • does not have real amateur sections
  • once in a while a link goes to a 404 video
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