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The name of the site, as well as the logo, probably implies to the fact that you will get a hardon as soon as you enter it, so you might as well take a ruler and measure your arousal. Joking aside, this site offers about 200 categories, and each one features at least several thousand videos, though that number raises to hundreds of thousands within more popular ones. All of the major categories are featured, and you even find some that you are not used to seeing that much. As far as the videos go, they are drawn from other tube sites. That means two things. First, it means that the quality of videos varies, just like on any other site that offers free content. Second, that means that there are so many videos that one can't possibly watch them all. But, as we already said, they are neatly categorized, so you can choose only ones that interest you since you'd do it anyway. Another great thing is that while we visited this site, we haven't encountered a single pop-up. Not even one! That might not be one's first concern when visiting a porn site, but it's good to know.

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